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What Does ASB Do For Fremont?

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  Associated Student Body (ASB) is a class on campus that does so much for our school. Most students don’t see that, but without them Fremont wouldn’t be a better place everyday. This campus is driven by all the excitement and spirit from all the students, staff, and ASB members.

  The ASB teacher, Mr. Reveles, is not only a teacher but a coach. When we asked Mr. Revelas “How do ASB members get along as a group?” he responded with, “We are family”. By family he means that the students treat each other as family and understand eachothers decisions.

  ASB plans so many activities such as Drug Awareness Week, Wear Red day, Million Word March, Bump Out Basketball and etc, so that they can reward students with good grades.

Mr. Revelas says that ASB hosts all of these events to encourage students to try in school everyday.

ASB hosts so many “crazy” days, like Crazy Hair Day and Disney Day to get students involved with school, to make them feel a part of the Fremont family, and to see the crazy things students will wear.

Without ASB John C. Fremont Academy of Environmental Science and Innovative Design would not be the kind of school it is today.


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  1. Daniel Perez on January 31st, 2017 10:43 AM

    Nice Article.


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What Does ASB Do For Fremont?