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8th Grade Basketball Star Michael Rivas

Gannon Valenzuela

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Michael Rivas, 8th grader at Fremont Academy, is a starting point guard for Fremont’s B team. Michael is an all around great player who averages around 13 points a game, and is considered a great teammate by his fellow players. Michael says he prefers playing in games but also enjoys playing at school with friends.

Since he was little Michael has been playing basketball. “It’s just my thing you know.” When asked what NBA players he looks up to most his response was, “Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Shaquille O’Neal are the players I look up to most.”

Michael thinks his coach, Mr.Reveles also known as Fremont’s favorite son, is a great coach because “He really knows his game.” Mike has been coached by Reveles for the past 2 years.

Michael also plans to continue playing basketball in high school and make a career from it in the NBA. “I just need to make sure my grades are good, and I think I’ll be fine,” he said.

Rivas is considered one of the best players at Fremont and a key contributor to his team. “He’s an all around good player. He has good handles, a great shot, and he plays great defense” Max Garcia his teammate said.

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8th Grade Basketball Star Michael Rivas